Hi there, I am Victor Robert Farrell and the author of Night-Whispers:

Whilst there is some excellent devotional material available to people today Night-Whispers differs from the majority of them in SIX big ways

  1. They are a little bit more demanding of your time and CPU thinking capacity.
  2. They are thoroughly Biblical and Biblicaly led rather than culturally led. They are indeed, truly counter culture.
  3. They are future looking and attempt to apply Biblical truth to a rapidly changing secular and technological future.
  4. They attempt to be revolutionary and reforming in application.
  5. They give a high call to Biblical Obedience.
  6. They are not male exclusive but they are mostly male orientated in their content and call.

Night-Whispers are also divided into two types:


These are written to encourage the Christian. Whether you are in church, unchurches, de-churched, on the ground, underground, off the ground! These Night-Whispers are written for you. Whether you are a Christian or not, these Night-Whispers will give you Bible insights into the real God of the Bible.


The local church is God’s idea. Christ is the Lord of the church and of the local church. Local churches are local expressions of the church militant, the bride of Christ. I am for the local church, which is an expression of Christs body for which He sacrificed Himself.

The same local church DOES also consists of tares among the wheat, and  can be infiltrated by false prophets and misled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. The local church can also find itself in a state of judgement by its Lord, even resulting in being vomited out of His mouth. Christ knows the works of the local church and its state of being. He addresses these states and actions, always out of love but sometimes with a vehement and fiery passion. I have some Night-Whispers, some Bible insights and some applications for these local Churches. They are delivered in the context outlined in the paragraph above, but they are hard sayings and delivered as such.

**WARNING** Now I am pretty sure that you might not like some of the things I say in the Night-Whispers, so please try to be not too offended when you read these HS2CC Night-Whispers for they are written to encourage change, and change that will bring glory to God and cause His church to be Holy and Fruitful.

Please note that some (not too many mind you!)  of our Night-Whispers will be present under both HS2CC & EMNW  categories. On this site, check the category to find out which it is! 

Lastly, note that our PRINTED BOOKS OF ‘Night-Whisper Every Day Bible Insights’ are mostly ‘Every Man Night-Whispers’ (EMNW) with usually 3% or less HS2CC Bible Insights mixed in.

The ‘Hard Saying’ Night-Whispers are published under different Titles. Check out our SHOP