Night-Whispers, Volume 02-Q4, (Oct-Nov-Dec), ‘The New Separatists’


Why YOU NEED Night-Whispers?


V.R. the writer of Night-Whispers has found from experience that Non-Christians and hungry believers alike, long for the solid black and white declarations and revelations that only the God of the whole Bible can bring, for in no other Being does grace and truth set themselves so comfortably, so invitingly, so righteously, so wonderfully. Trouble has arrived at the feet of the true church of God, the pillar and ground of the truth, and these Night-Whispers are written for real Christians facing the trembling’s of the time of the end. If you need some devotions to simply tickle your ears and make you feel good, then Night-Whispers are not for you. However, if you need some iron in your spine, if you refuse to be offended by the truth, then maybe, just maybe, these iron pills will fortify you in the fight to come.

Night-Whispers – Dynamite for the Darkness, Light 4dark Places. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY.