Poet in Residence

Allow me to introduce you to Purple Robert BIG CLEAR IMAGE ONYL 500Purple Robert.

He is a Metaphysical Poet that ‘let’s loose’ about, well, about everything really! This is because he sees everything as being spiritual, and like Jacob the Twister of old, he also seems to wrestle with everything, including the Lord (God help him), to try and find some kind answer or simple peace to problems we all experience under the sun. If you like some of the hard hitting and very personal Psalms of David, then you might like Purple Robert. Maybe…..

A Word of WARNING though. Purple Robert is for grown up people, people who carry a few scars. His writing is not for the religious, indeed, he has a bit of a chip on his shoulders about religious Christianity in particular. The good news is that he has a chip on both shoulders and so he is reasonably well balanced!

SO! If you are brave enough to experience the Biblical and spiritual take that Purple Robert offers on life, then please go to,


Also, if you want to become a Purple Poet yourslef or be part of a group, then do go to


A final word of WARNING....If you are easily offended….please stay away!


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